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Saturday, 19 October 2013

I promise

I promise to be there
Even when you are not
I promise to be bare
Even if you have stopped
Especially when you have stopped

I promise to open the door
Everytime you knock
I will always be at the shore
Waiting for you round the clock
Even if you have stopped coming
Specially when you have stopped coming

I promise to cry with you everytime you are sad
I promise to laugh with you whenever I am happy
I promise to stand by you, during everything that is bad
I will always stitch it up, when things get patchy
Even if you stop paying attention
Specially if you stop paying attention

I promise to be me
I promise to never change
I promise these promises
Not in exchange
But because I believe in you and I know 
What all I have gained
From you and from your goodness
From us and our togetherness

I love you for everything that you can’t be
I promise to never push you into something that you can’t be
I promise you to keep all the promises
And whenever I couldn’t
I promise you I will try again
Till I could

Thursday, 29 August 2013

I will wait

I sit at the corner
See you walk by
I see life pass by me
I have been here for eternity
Waiting on you
Waiting for you

You draw closer and closer
And look through me
Your eyes wondering on and around
I wait for them to stop
Stop by me
Halt on me
I want you to look at me
But you move on
One look never enough
One me not enough

The day I saw you,
My eyes were seized
My heart was lost
I was lost in your world
You became my world
My world alone and lonely
With you but without you
You are here
But I am waiting for you

One day you will look at me
Your eyes will see me
Your heart will feel me
My soul will touch yours
I will not bleed or cry
I will not plead or die
Till then
I will wait
On you
I will wait
For you

(C) Juztamom 2013

Shared with dverse poets 

As per the prompt this is an old poem. Have edited, re phrased, revamped it quite a lot.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Lost and found

In your eyes
In your gaze
In your nights
In your days
I am lost and found

Hands in your hands
Each breath with your breath
Hooked to you
Look through you
In your touch
In your nudge
I am lost and found

Your words are my hunger
Your dreams my thirst
Your wonders are my wonders
Your arms my world
In your arms
In your dreams
In your wonders
And in your gleams
I am lost and found

Your journey my drive
Your life my life
Your music my jive
You win I survive
In your drives
In your Jives
In your loses
And in your strives
I am lost and found

I live with you
I die with you
I am alive in your life
I am dead in your deaths
I am as you as; you are
You are as me as; I am

We are lost and found in You and Me

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend- Use Opposites, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Lost in your world

Lost in your world
Lost in the colors, in the fragrance, in your arms
Lost in the magic, in your world, in your charms

I dance on the petals and fly in the breeze
I breathe in each moment, each moment to freeze
Your world is exquisite, audacious and pure

Each color is valiant, each color demure

Your touch as bold as the orange hue
Your caress as soft as the subtle blue
I tip toe around and soak in each sight
Hopping on green, yellow and white
You spin me around to show me more
I see from your eyes the heavens galore

Eager to lose, in a quest to win
Glowing in red, burning in pink
Time has stopped, life has stopped
Each moment in your world,
Is a life time unfurled
My life lost in your life
My world lost in your world
Lost in the orange, white, pink and green

Found in the flush, blush, subtle and serene

Written for Toads

Image credit :Pixabay

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I travel

I move...I float..I travel
Sipping each moment, living each memory
I groove, I gloat and I travel

I travel looking for me
I travel searching for my story
I am lost in the sea, I am found in the sea
World my home, roads my bed
Faces my book, chats my bread
I dance, I skip and I travel

So many faces, so many stories
So many wins and so many glories
So many masks, so many veils
With hidden tears and unspoken tales
I travel scathing through tales and living through wails
I cry, I smile and I travel

Bridges to cross, waters to swim
Skies to fly, songs to sing
Music to soak up, Nature to confine
Where I am in this beauty?
What is my story?

I am scattered all over the world
I am born with each smile
I die with each cry
I dance in their dance
I float in their hope
I live through their lives
And I travel through their stories
Sipping each moment, living each memory
I groove, I gloat and I travel

This post is written for Indiblogeswaris #ThatTuesdayThingy 

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Late night chats, tucked in with you
Nothing to plan, nothing to worry,
Endless words, incessant chatter
Relentless gossips and inaudible laughters
You spoke I gasped, I spoke you grinned
You cried I wept, I sobbed you cried
Hands held together, nothing left unsaid
Hearts conjoined, tucked in the bed

The hidden signals, the veiled curses,
Your nose twist, my invisible wink, our rolling of eyes
Neighbourhood Romeos, my whistles, our sprints and our lies
Getting caught, getting punished, their shouts and sighs
Our promise to never do it again
And then doing it again

Never ending fun, never ending lessons
Memories of adolescence
Countless days
Countless nights

Countless moments with you

"Dedicated to my sweetheart sis...My best friend for life"

Friday, 28 June 2013

I walk barefoot

I walk barefoot with no direction
My direction lost with you
You scratched my soul
You stabbed deep in my heart
The void is still there
Your marks are still there
I look for you in no direction

I walk barefoot with no direction
I walk leaving blood spots
If you ever come looking for me
You will find my blood,
You will find pieces of me scattered here and there
I keep falling in no direction

I walk barefoot with no direction
With sin eating me away one by one
Nothing left, all eaten away
I only have eyes left, to wait for you
I wait for you in no direction

Written for  fireblosson friday on Real toads 

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Whenever you are lonely
Whenever you are sad
Just fill your heart with hopes
And try’n look ahead
He is there for you
Carrying all the reds
Sharing all the blues
He is there for you

Whenever you feel empty
Whenever you feel mad
Just fill your heart with feelings
And try’n move ahead
Because he is there for you
Walking with you
Checking all the moves
He is there for you

 Whenever you feel cheated
Whenever you feel left alone
Just fill your heart with visions
And try’n see ahead
Because he is there for you
Sharing your vision

Looking out for you, to see you go through
He is there for you

Whenever you are on top
Whenever you feel complete
Just fill your heart with thanks
And try’n look back
He was there for you
He is there for you
And he will be there for you

Penned on 21st July 1997

This is dedicated to the hero, the mentor, the guide in everyone’s life. Some have their parents, some their teachers and some their friends but I am dedicating this to the hero of my life “God” because he is the only one always there for me, looking out for me, loving me, taking care of me, the one with whom I have always shared all my feelings.

I know many don’t believe in his presence but I can feel him all the time. I can feel his hands always on my shoulders holding me tight

Image credit Flicker-ironrodart

Your face

Big eyes, naughty smile
Chin under the chin
With dimples to kill
Your face, my world

Curled lashes, lovely brows
Innocent tears, killer flare
Your face, my world

(C) Juz a Mum

Long hair, melting stare
Feelings so true, Love so rare
Your face, my world

Earnest grin, beaming ear to ear
Thousand looks, scuttling here to there
Your face, my world

Your face my world
Your hugs my heaven
Your kiss my bliss
Your words my books
Your eyes my dreams
Your touch my life
Your face my world life

Monday, 24 June 2013

My Rock

You stood by me and saw me rise
You were my earth, my wings

You held my hands and let me soar
You were my steps, my core

You walked with me to new heights
You were my guide, my light

You flew with me to the sky
You were my flight, my eyes

My Rock

I fell down,
You stood by me
You stood by me to see me drown
You stood by me and saw me sink
You stood by me and saw me fail
You stood by me and saw me fall
You stood by me and never picked me up
You chained me and pushed me down

My Rock

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt - rock
Linked up with Toads
Image credit Flicker

Thursday, 20 June 2013

My bouffant beauty

To celebrate my love for you, for your heart clutched in mine
I take a vow, each little you in me will remain conserved
I will be a memoir your beauty deserved
I will freeze all the moments
And frame all the happenstance touches

Heirloom of our love,
Your perfection and my Imperfection
The Monologue of our winks
The dance of our grins
Everything that my heart observed, everything that my eyes saw
Will remain etched in my soul

The Oodles of your laughter, near the willow
The reserve of your tears, on the pillow

Osmosis you were, Punk I was
Beauty you were, Nerd I was

Now I stand near the riverbed of your mirage
See you saturate and camouflage
In a butterfly

With Singed brows I look at the sky
To see you soar and transfuse into nature
Your core transparent, devoid of any humor, without any whimsy.

I tiptoed to reach you, you were not there,

My extended hands returned empty

“A memoir by a husband for his deceased wife”

Written for Imaginary Garden With Real Toads  Helen's Choice

Image courtsey Aaiero