Sunday, 11 May 2014


She could feel the black, the cracks and the pores on her skin through which the smoke was coming out. She could smell the fire that was engulfing her whole being, inch by inch, part by part. She could hear the laughter coming from the other room; the laughs were filling her soul and were coming out as her muffled screams. She closed her eyes as her whole life ran in front of her, from her loving childhood, to her marriage, to her monstrous husband and in-laws and a tear fell through her eye, just one tear drop as she spoke her last words.
“Mom, why did you send me back?”

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Being A Girl

Scared and in her own
Walking on the side
Walking with head down
Just walking on the road

Too shy to look up
Too nervous to share a glimpse
This is how she was brought up
To be proper and be prim
To look down
And not have a voice
To just walk on the road
Shown by others
Just walk in unknown of known

She always feared
Not someone else
But herself
Coz she was aware
Aware of her rising desires
Aware of her persistent thirst
Of knowledge
Of questions
Of reasons
Of whys?
Why was she treated like that?
She was born a girl,
So what?
Being a girl,
Was it that bad?

 Gloomy Girl by chaosbringer99

She knew it was only a matter of time
Her voice will find its way out
Her life will change forever
She may not be able to survive the tyranny
If she did
She may not be able to survive the irony
Of being finally free

So she was scared
For the future
Black or white
Dark or Bright,
Will come only
After a huge battle
A lone war

That she may not survive

(C) Juztamom

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Z For Zzzzzzzz

anything for you
love you to bits
an extra hour of Zzzzzzz

Z for Zzzzz
When I was thinking about what to write from Z, many things came to my mind “Zen, Zillion, Zebra etc etc” but nothing struck a chord better than Zzzzzzzz. I have been sleep deprived for more than five years. And I am not the sleepy type or rather I use to be, not the sleepy type. For me just an uninterrupted sleep of 5 hours is normally enough in a day but it has been so many years of not even getting that continuously, so I really really miss it. I am waiting for those days to come back, when I can be in bed for hours and hours and get up as and when I want to. One of the side effects of being a 24/7 mom I guess.

Are you a parent? Do you love your sleep? How many hours do you think you can sleep at a stretch? I think I can sleep for as long as full 24 hours if I get uninterrupted sleep!! :P

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Alone But Not

Warm glowing in the heat
The thirst that never quenches
The burn that never burns
She held tight
With all her might
Hoping against hope
To remain united forever
Still longing to be free

To wistfully flow
In the air
To become one with
Many others like her
To be her own lover
But how could she
She was born
Where she is now
She was always the part of it

Together they have seen everything
The heaven falling from the sky
The rains soaking her from inside
The moisture of love
That is eternal
Yet would leave her alone

The white descending from above
Covering her whole being
Erasing any other color
Yet being serene

The orange, the red
The yellow and green
Of beautiful spring
Abundance of love
Though she should be happy
But she remembers being aloof
For spring marks the beginning
The beginning of the end

The warm scorching heat
That feels like a blast
On her face
That fills her with warmth
Enough for her to survive alone
That gives her the signal
It is time to go

With a shock she moves
Fearing she might fall
But the wind carries her in her arms
Taking her to the dream
Where others were waiting
Who were just like her
That’s how she became a part
Of the yellow gold stream..

She was no more
A lone golden leaf

(C) Juztamom

Writer's note: The poem is in the voice of a leaf, which is dreading autumn  and is reminiscing all the seasons gone by. But in the end it cuts the string and becomes one with the golden stream of leaf. 

Shared with NaPoWriMo.

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Y For Yesterday

Snippet Of A Day In My Life

Willing to fly
Not stopping for a second
Born only yesterday

AtoZ Challenge
Y Yesterday

Time does fly. Both of them were born only yesterday and it is already years today and they can't wait to be on their own. Where did the time go?

Do you also feel like this? Has the time stood still or did it fly for you?

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